A Trusted Brand that Needs No Introduction

Using MasterCard online casino

MasterCard is one of the world’s leading payment options and has been a trusted brand in international payment processing since 1966. It is this trust which inspires casino players to chose MasterCard over other banking options. Along with VISA, debit and credit card options backed by MasterCard have for many years been the prefered method of moving money to and from the casino.

It is not difficult to find online casinos that accept MasterCard payments, they too benefit in numerous ways from providing a trusted and respected payment solution. Every player wishing to play for real money at the online casino needs a safe and reliable way to deposit and withdraw cash and there are few better options than MasterCard.

Using MasterCard at the Online Casino

One of the major benefits of using a MasterCard at the online casino is undoubtedly the convenience it brings. Many people will already have this world leading payment option in their pocket.

Making a casino deposit using this payment method is no more difficult than conducting any other online purchase. Players need only visit the cashier at their chosen casino and select MasterCard, complete the required details, and send. Unlike many other methods generally available, casino credit accounts can be charged instantly when using this option. There are a number of different card types available and all can be used by online casinos that accept MasterCard.

MasterCard Credit Card

The MasterCard credit card is a good option as they generally come with benefits to protect the user, such as Identity theft protection for instance. All cards have different features depending on the issuing bank and the card status (standard, elite etc).

MasterCard Debit Card

The MasterCard debit card is another good option which has the added benefit of being linked to a bank account. Unlike the credit card, the debit card doesn't allow for the player borrow credit unless of course, an overdraft facility is in place. 

MasterCard Gift Cards

Often received as a gift, these types of cards work in the same way as a prepaid card and can also be used at all online casinos that accept MasterCard to wager on the slots and casino table games.

MasterCard Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a suitable option for players who want to separate casino funding from their day to day finances. These types of cards can only be used when charged with preloaded credit forcing players to take intermediary steps before using.

Withdrawing Winnings from MasterCard Online Casinos

While many online casinos offer the MasterCard as an option to deposit cash, it doesn’t always follow that the same card can be used to withdraw casino winnings. It is very important, therefore, that players understand which options are available before registering. All regulated online establishments publish their payment options for deposits and withdrawals. The ability to withdraw back on to MasterCard is gaining momentum with casinos online by popular demand, but this hasn’t always been the case. 

Withdrawing winnings onto MasterCard is a simple process. Players should go to the cashier withdrawal page and select the MasterCard option. A form will need to be completed along with details on the amount requested. Most casinos will have maximum daily or monthly limits so players should become familiar with these policies from the onset. Withdrawing funds will take a lot longer to process than cash deposits (normally 3-5 days with European Casino’s) as both the casino and the bank have procedures in place to verify transactions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using MasterCard

As with all other payment methods, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages that come with using MasterCard at the online casino.

The biggest advantages of using a MasterCard include-

  • TRUST: It is reassuring to know that service providers have to follow strict guidelines in order to have the ability to receive MasterCard payments.
  • FAST TRANSACTIONS: No one wants to wait a day or two for a deposit to clear. MasterCard deposits are instant and along with VISA the fastest option available.
  • ACCEPTABILITY: An ever-increasing number of online casinos are accepting MasterCard payments.
  • SAFE: MasterCard is a very secure way to transfer money online.
  • CARD BENEFITS: MasterCard’s normally come with user benefits ideally suited for use at the online casino.
  • CONVENIENT: Most people already hold a MasterCard saving the need to open new accounts.

Disadvantages to using MasterCard

  • WITHDRAWALS Unfortunately, not all MasterCard online casinos will accept withdrawals as well as deposits.
  • REJECTIONS: Even when a casino accepts MasterCard, there is no guarantee that the transaction will be accepted. This will depend on the policies of the card issuer.
  • CHARGES: It is possible that charges may apply when using a credit card.

Online Casinos that Accept MasterCard

MasterCard casinos are not as common globally as those accepting VISA. While this is true, there are still many options around online for players seeking casinos that accept MasterCard. Vast numbers of UK based online casinos provide this option and many more besides within Europe and Asia. One place where players are unlikely to find an online casino that offers MasterCard is in the United States. This is due to the tight regulations placed on financial institutions across the pond, limiting their ability to provide credit and debit card facilities to online casinos.

Is Using MasterCard the best option at the online Casino?

Using MasterCard to fund an online casino credit account comes with both advantages and disadvantages. For users who already have a MasterCard facility, this option offers a convenient way to quickly and securely deposit funds. Withdrawals can be a bit hit and miss, players will first need to confirm whether it is possible to withdraw using MasterCard. This kind of information is easy to find on a casino website.

Although it is not as widely accepted as VISA with online casinos across the globe, MasterCard maintains almost all the benefits associated this using its closest rival. In addition, Mastercard credit and debit cards normally provide a number of consumer protection benefits which make them suitable for use at the online casino. MasterCard may not always be the best solution for all players in every situation, but for many players who have this means of payment, it is a very credible option.

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